Buying a Home

Finding your Ideal Home

Are you interested in purchasing a traditional property (residential, condominium) or a distressed property (e.g. foreclosure , REO, shortsale, home auction)? Whatever your requirements are, The SRL Group can help. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss which team member would be ideal for helping to meet your requirements.  We are always just a call, click, or email away from serving your needs.

Why choose the SRL Group?
  • Reliable.  Our firm was built on trust and hard work. You can count on our agents to be there for you and help you out at every step along the road of purchasing a home.
  • Knowledgeable. We are experts in the Real Estate Market in the greater Phoenix area, and we actively follow current market trends. It is our goal to keep you informed through the process.
  • Focused. We want to make this process as quick and efficient as possible, and our highly skilled agents are trained to do just that.
  • Talented.  We pride ourselves on our communication and negotiation skills, which directly correlate to a smooth sale and a happy customer.
  • Team oriented. Our small boutique brokerage maintains a close, hands-on interaction with our agents.  Communication and teamwork are reflected in every aspect of our business.

You are able to search for properties using the advanced property search form on this page or the MLS Search page.  Our listings are detailed and comprehensive. You are able to schedule a showing right from every listing and see a lot of information pertaining to the property and the surrounding area. After 3 searches or  viewing 3 listings, we ask that you create a free account when prompted (which will allow you to see your recently viewed listings, add them to your favorites, and receive updates about any changes in price or availability).

Scottsdale Luxury HomeScottsdale Luxury HomeScottsdale Luxury HomeScottsdale Luxury HomeScottsdale Luxury HomeScottsdale Luxury Home