Thinking of doing a Short Sale?

As a short sale specialist, The SRL Group understands how stressful it is to not make payments on your home and start the short sale process.  Make sure that you ask any questions you may have as educating yourself on the short sale process will only benefit you, the seller.  As an advocate for the seller during the short sale process, The SRL Group collaborates with you, our client, to maximize the transaction value and minimize risk.  It is important when going through a short sale, to submit all requested paperwork on time.  If you can think back to the purchase transaction of your home (e.g. all the paperwork that was needed) this same paperwork is necessary to “unqualify” you. Short sales are time consuming, and the process is different with every bank and individual.  So if you’re considering doing a short sale, here is a simple checklist of items needed to begin:

  • Signed 3rd Party Authorization
  • Hardship Letter
  • Completed/ SIGNED Financial Statement
  • Copy of the Last 2 Years Federal Tax Returns
  • Copy of last 2 Paystubs
  • Copy of last 2 Checking Bank Statements (all pages)
  • Copy of last 2 years W2’s / Profit & Loss
  • Copy of Mortgage Statement(s)

This content was contributed by: Corissa Salazar.